Kết quả Xổ số: Soạn XH tentinh gửi 8785 hoặc Soạn XH tentinh gửi 8585
Soi cầu: Soạn XHA tentinh gửi 8785 hoặc Soạn XHB tentinh gửi 8785
Soi cặp đôi: Soạn XHC tentinh gửi 8785

Exercise 2.  Choose the underlined part in each sentence (A, B,C, or D ) that needs correcting

1. Mr. Pike likes travelling. By the time he will be 60, he will have visited 15 countries.

A             B                        C                             D

2. I sometimes wish that I will have another car.

A         B         C          D

3. Peter does likes football. He never misses a football match.

A                         B                 C    D

4. Mr. Pike stopped his car, got out and looking around.

A                           B               C        D

5. Peter wished they have not been punished by the teacher yesterday.

A            B                    C   D

6. Why are you so late? I am waiting here for more than one hour.

A                               B                          C             D

7. Why didn’t Peter go to school? What did happened to him?

A               B                                      C           D

8. I was listening to the radio when the door bell ring. 

A                     B                C                           D

  1. I have learned English for I was 10 years old.
A                          B      C          D

10. She has not met her mother since she has moved to London two years ago.

A                B                                         C                                          D

11. After Mrs. Wang had returned to her house from work, she was cooking dinner.

A            B                      C                  D

12. Jimmy threw the ball high in the air, and Betty catching it when it came down.

A                     B                                      C                  D

13. Linda has worn her new yellow dress only once since she buys it.

A                     B                      C                            D

14. Last week Mark told me that he got very bored with his present job and is looking for a new one.

A                     B                                                                 C                      D

15. Having fed the dog, he was sat down to his own meal.

A                                   B              C         D

16. His wife returned when he has left this world for half a day.

A                                           B                         C       D

17. They are going to have to leave soon and so do we.

A              B                     C     D

18. The boss laughed when the secretary has told him that she really needed a pay rise.

A                               B      C           D

19. The telephone rang several times and then stop before I could answer it.

A            B      C                   D

20. Debbie, who is an excellent tennis player, has been playing tennis since ten years.

A                                          B          C                                  D

21. I have seen lots of interesting places when I went on holiday last summer.

A         B              C                                  D

22. When my cat heard a noise in the bushes, she stopped moving and listen intently.

A                                                               B                C         D

23. I think it’s time you must change your way of living.

A                                   B                      C         D

24. When I’m shopping, I ran into an old friend who I hadn’t met for five years.

A                     B                                      C            D

25. The police arrested the man while he is having dinner in a restaurant.

A                                         B             C                   D

26. Peter and Wendy first met in 2006, and they are married for three years now.

A                  B                      C                                          D

27. Some people are believing there is life on other planets.

A                         B                               C     D

28. Every morning, the sun shines in my bedroom window and waking me up.

A                                 B                  C              D

Exercise 3. Rewrite the following sentences using the cues.

1. I have not been to an Indian restaurant for ages.

     It is ages____________________________________________________

2. How long have Helen and Robert been married?

     When ______________________________________________________

3. When you phoned me, it was my lunchtime.

When ______________________________________________________

4. I have not had a Chinese meal for 4 years.

     The last time _________________________________________________

5. David went home before we arrived.

     When _______________________________________________________

6. I have only recently started wearing glasses.

      I did not­_____________________________________________________

7. Jack left the office before I arrived there.

     When _______________________________________________________

8. During my dinner, the phone rang.

     While _______________________________________________________

9. I have not been to the cinema for 2 months.

     I last _____________________________________________________________

10. This is my first visit to Japan.

     This is the first time_________________________________________________ 

Đề cương ôn thi THPT Quốc gia Tiếng Anh: THEME 1: PHONETICS – TENSES (MIXED EXERCISES ON TENSES- Exercise 2.)
Kết quả Xổ số: Soạn XH tentinh gửi 8785 hoặc Soạn XH tentinh gửi 8585
Soi cầu: Soạn XHA tentinh gửi 8785 hoặc Soạn XHB tentinh gửi 8785
Soi cặp đôi: Soạn XHC tentinh gửi 8785

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