Kết quả Xổ số: Soạn XH tentinh gửi 8785 hoặc Soạn XH tentinh gửi 8585
Soi cầu: Soạn XHA tentinh gửi 8785 hoặc Soạn XHB tentinh gửi 8785
Soi cặp đôi: Soạn XHC tentinh gửi 8785
Đề cương ôn thi THPT Quốc gia Tiếng Anh




Chọn từ có âm tiết được nhấn với âm tiết khác với các từ còn lại:

Exercise 6

1.A. adorableB. abilityC. impossibleD. entertainment
2.A. engineerB. corporateC. difficultD. different
3.A. popularB. positionC. horribleD. positive
4.A. selfishB. correctC. purposeD. surface
5.A. permissionB. computerC. millionD. perfection
6.A. scholarshipB. negativeC. developD. purposeful
7.A. abilityB. acceptableC. educationD. hilarious
8.A. documentB. comedianC. perspectiveD. location
9.A. provideB. productC. promoteD. profess
10.A. differentB. regularC. achievingD. property
11.A. educationB. communityC. developmentD. unbreakable
12.A. politicsB. depositC. conceptionD. occasion
13.A. prepareB. repeatC. purposeD. police
14.A. prefaceB. famousC. forgetD. childish
15.A. cartoonB. westernC. teacherD. theater
16.A. BrazilB. IraqC. NorwayD. Japan
17.A. scientificB. abilityC. experienceD. material
18.A. complainB. luggageC. improveD. forgive
19.A. offensiveB. deliciousC. dangerousD. religious
20.A. developB. adjectiveC. generousD. popular
21.A. beautifulB. importantC. deliciousD. exciting
22.A. elementB. regularC. believingD. policy
23.A. punctualB. tolerantC. utteranceD. occurrence
24.A. expensiveB. sensitiveC. negativeD. sociable
25.A. educationB. developmentC. economicD. preparation
26.A. attendB. optionC. percentD. become
27.A. literatureB. entertainmentC. recreationD. information
28.A. attractiveB. perceptionC. culturalD. expensive
29.A. chocolateB. structuralC. importantD. national
30.A. cinemaB. positionC. familyD. popular
31.A. naturalB. departmentC. exceptionD. attentive
32.A. economyB. diplomacyC. informativeD. information
33.A. arrestB. purchaseC. acceptD. forget
34.A. expertiseB. cinemaC. recipeD. similar
35.A. governmentB. musicianC. disgustingD. exhausting
36.A. successfulB. interestC. arrangementD. disaster
37.A. competitionB. repetitionC. equivalentD. disappointment
38.A. privateB. provideC. arrangeD. advise
39.A. academicB. educationC. impossibleD. optimistic
40.A. studyB. knowledgeC. preciseD. message
41.A. industryB. performanceC. importanceD. provision
42.A. containB. expressC. carbonD. obey
43.A. impressB. favorC. occurD. police
44.A. regretB. selfishC. purposeD. preface
45.A. governB. coverC. performD. father
46.A. writerB. teacherC. builderD. career
47.A. morningB. collegeC. arriveD. famous
48.A. ambitiousB. chocolateC. positionD. occurrence
49.A. furnitureB. abandonC. practicalD. scientist
50.A. devoteB. composeC. purchaseD. advise

Đề cương ôn thi THPT Quốc gia Tiếng Anh: THEME 1: PHONETICS (STRESSED SYLLABLE)
Kết quả Xổ số: Soạn XH tentinh gửi 8785 hoặc Soạn XH tentinh gửi 8585
Soi cầu: Soạn XHA tentinh gửi 8785 hoặc Soạn XHB tentinh gửi 8785
Soi cặp đôi: Soạn XHC tentinh gửi 8785

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